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Corporate InformationEnvironmental Activities

Conservation of Resources

The Hitachi Group has positioned the conservation of resources as one of the three pillars of its environmental vision. We are working on measures for preserving the Earth's environment and preventing resource depletion through the recycling of our products once they are no longer used.

Businesses and Technology Development

Product Recycling

The Hitachi Group launched research and development on the recycling of discarded products starting in 1991 and is currently running recycling businesses in three locations across Japan.

[Image] Material-cycle society

Hitachi Group Efforts in Material Resource Recycling

Innovated high functional materials that support energy and resource conservation are essential to creating a low-carbon society. Establishing technologies and schemes for recycling these materials can help secure stable access to materials, cut manufacturing costs, and reduce the environmental burden. With an eye on recycling material resources, the Hitachi Group is promoting efforts related to the recycling of rare-earth magnets, copper wire, amorphous transformers, and fiber-reinforced plastics.

Development of Technology for Recovering Rare-Earth Magnets

Magnets that use rare-earth metals, which are even more scarce than rare metals, produce a powerful magnetic field, which is why they are widely used in energy-saving, high-tech products. More stable procurement of these materials is required because of their uneven distribution and limited availability. With support and grants from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the Hitachi Group has been developing technology for separating and recovering rare-earth magnets from end-of-life products since FY 2009. In October 2013, Hitachi received the "Rare Metal Recycling Award" sponsored by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry. The award was given in recognition of the technology developed to separate rare-earth magnets from hard disk drives and air conditioner compressors.

[Image] Rare metal recycling

Product Recycling Efforts in Information/Communications Field

The Hitachi Group has established a service center for devising plans for recovering end-of-life IT products at corporations and strengthened its recovery efforts for products in the information/communication field. We are also preparing PC/server recycling and server purchasing options that include a carbon offset.

[Image] Product recycling efforts in the information/communications field

Purchasing Service of used IT products

With this service, we do not waste - we purchase IT related products such as PC, server, and ATM which can still be used but unwanted by the corporate customers due to replacement of its IT systems and so on. The products subject to purchase include non-Hitachi products. In this service, we can contribute to your environment CSR improvement by providing the optional service to offset CO2 emissions resulting from "fuel consumption of vehicles during delivery" by using CO2 credits acquired from other CO2 reduction projects. We also provide the data wiping service, one of the most secure methods to prevent divulging confidential information.

[Image] Purchasing Service of IT products

PCs and Servers recycling with carbon offset

In this service, we offset CO2 emissions from recycling process of customers' waste information devices, such as PCs and servers by using CO2 credits acquired from other CO2 reduction projects.
Specifically, we offset CO2 emissions resulting from "fuel consumption of vehicles during collection and delivery" and "energy consumption of facilities, machineries, and forklifts during disassembly and separation works." We expand this service to non-Hitachi products and the trial is undertaking in Tokyo metropolitan area. By using this service, we can contribute to your environment CSR improvement.

[Image] PCs and Servers recycling with carbon offset

Hi-OSS(Hitachi On-site Screening & Solution)

Hi-OSS proposes recycling solutions for by-products produced at civil engineering work sites, as well as for forest thinnings.

[Image] Hi-OSS solutions

Cooperation Agreement between Hitachi and Dalian in Resource Recycling and Low Carbon Economy

Hitachi is offering its recycling technology and plant operation know how, which it cultivated through its home appliance recycling business in Japan, in the form of plant design engineering and operation consulting to the Dalian Huanjia Group Co., Ltd., a recycling firm in the city of Dalian, China. We want to contribute to the creation of a material recycling society in China by helping with the building of home appliance recycling plants that feature cutting edge technology and cost effectiveness.

Environmental Management Activities

Improving Resource Conservation/Recycling for Products and Resource Efficiency

The Hitachi Group is striving to improve its products through assessments of designs for the environment that are based on resource conservation, long-term usability, recycling, and ease of dismantling/disposal. We are also using product functionality and service life as well as the amount of resources in recycling and defining recycling efficiency as a guide to the improvement factor.

Effective Use of Waste Materials, Valuable Materials, and Water Resources

The Hitachi Group is involved in cutting the amount of industrial waste and valuable materials that are produced as unwanted materials during manufacturing activities and in the recycling and reuse of such materials. The following links offer some examples at different locations within the group.

The Hitachi Group’s Environmental Vision

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