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Toward the Resolution of Global Environmental Issues
Three Environmental Pillars of Our Vision: Prevention of Global Warming, Conservation of Resources, and Preservation of Ecosystems

The Hitachi Environmental Vision

The world's population, having passed the 7 billion mark in 2011, is expected to reach 9.5 billion by 2050.*1 At the same time, worldwide GDP continues to grow. This economic and social growth has led to global warming, caused by a rise in CO2 emissions from growing fossil fuel use. The depletion of energy, water, mineral reserves and other resources due to increased demand, as well as ecosystem destruction and other environmental problems, are also worsening.

To solve these environmental problems and to realize a sustainable society where humankind can thrive, we must do everything possible to reduce the burden of human activities on the environment. As a company engaged in the Social Innovation Business, we aim to achive the environmental management described in our Environmental Vision or achieving a sustainable society by employing our company's resources to reduce the burden of human activities on the environment.

[Image] Prevention of Global Warming Reduce CO2 emissions in energy production Enhance energy efficiency of our products Conservation of Resources Collect products for reuse or recycling Preservation of Ecosystems Reduce negative effect on air, water and soil Towards a Sustainable Society

We are committed to global warming prevention, resource conservation, and ecosystems preservation as the three pillars of our vision. Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting global production that reduces the environmental burden of a product throughout its life cycle. As a milestone on the way to realizing this Environmental Vision, we created our long-term plan Environmental Vision 2025 that looks ahead to fiscal 2025.

According to the United Nations report, World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision

Long-Term Plan Environmental Vision 2025

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC*1) concluded in its Fifth Assessment Report, issued September 2013 (WG I report), that climate warming is unequivocal and extremely likely to be caused by human activities. This announcement, which reinforced arguments that have been made for some time, confirms once again that reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases is essential for the prevention of global warming. Accordingly, the long-term plan Hitachi Group Environmental Vision 2025 targets the prevention of global warming, one of the issues the world is facing today, and states our goal of helping to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes by 2025 through improved Hitachi products and services. Our aim is to do our part toward achieving a major reduction in CO2 emissions by providing our customers with low-carbon energy supplying products and energy-efficient products. To reach these goals, we are working to increase the ratio of our products that are Hitachi Eco-Products, with a reduced burden on the environment. We are expanding business opportunities further by working with partners in global markets.

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Hitachi Group’s Environmental Vision

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