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Wind Turbine

Coping with severe positive-lightning strikes in winter

Sketch of generating equipment LPS
Sketch of generating equipment LPS

Positive-lightning strikes in some areas have intensity levels rarely seen in the world.
We therefore consider the strength to withstand lightning - the greatest threat to wind turbines an urgent requirement for wind turbine reliability.

The anti-lightning strength of the HTW2.0-80 is set to 250kA, exceeding the lEC standard. This strength can withstand 95 percent of the lightning strikes that occur in winter. The controller panel comes equipped with arrestors according to the concept of LPZs.

Protection level standards
Protection level Peak current
Particular energy
Total electrical
charge transfer [C]
IEC I 200 10,000 300
HTW2.0-80 250 40,000 600
LPS:Lightning Protection System
LPZ:Lightning Protection Zone
Lightning is a natural phenomenon and its actual current and impact frequency are unpredictable. These descriptions do not guarantee that the product can withstand all kinds of lightning strikes.