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Display at "Environment Festa 2016" in Hanno city

June 4, 2016

  • Human development
  • Environment
  • Community support

One of Hitachi Group company, Saita Kougyou. Co., Ltd. set up booth at " Environment Festa 2016" where companies and groups in Hanno city present and exchange views on their environmental effort. At the booth, Saita's business summary, presentations of its environmental efforts and activity of forest conservation NPO which Saita supporting, also Hitachi's environmental activities were displayed. There were about 450 visitors at the event. Each guests looked at the explanation of various trees with interest.

Display at "Environment Festa 2016" in Hanno city

Display at "Environment Festa 2016" in Hanno city

Sponsored by Hanno citizen environment meeting
Business Sites and Group Companies Saita Kougyou. Co., Ltd.
Location Hanno city civic activity center, Saitama prefecture
Number of Participants 10
  • CSR
  • Hitachi Group Environmental Activities
  • The Foundation in Hitachi Group