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Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. and the Hitachi Global Foundation held "Hitachi Science Seminar"

October 29, 2017

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The Hitachi Science Seminar is a program held at the Science Museum in Tokyo, organized by the Hitachi Global Foundation for the Science Museum's Science Club*1 members. Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., through its desire to raise children's interest in science, has been cooperating with running chemistry experiment workshops during the Hitachi Science Seminars since 2013.

This time, a total of 26 elementary students from 3rd to 6th grade participated and conducted the three following experiments. The first experiment was "Let It Bloom" , where students soaked paper, which they had drawn on with water-based pens, in ethanol, and observed the ink separate into multiple colors. The second experiment was "Vanishing Drawings" , where students used the reaction between iodine and starch to change the colors of their drawings. The last experiment was "The Magic of Colors" , where students used acid and alkali to change the color of solutions.

Under the guidance of Mr. Kazuhiro Miyamoto, a teacher at Kaisei Junior & Senior High School, the children were able to experience the wonders of chemistry.

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. and the Hitachi Global Foundation plan to conduct next Hitachi Science Seminar in February 2018.

*1 Science Club
Administered by the Science Museum, the club's membership is open to 3rd to 12th grade students. With the aim of encouraging children's love of science and offering them joyful creative experiences, the club hosts a variety of hands-on workshops involving handcrafts, experiments, or nature observation.

The children listening intently to Mr. Miyamoto's explanation

The children listening intently to Mr. Miyamoto's explanation

Business Sites and Group Companies Hitachi Chemical Co.,Ltd. and the Hitachi Global Foundation
Cooperating organizations Science Museum and the Chemical Society of Japan
Location Science Museum, Tokyo
Participants 26 members of the Science Club*1 at the Science Museum (3rd to 6th grade students)
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