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Science workshop titled "Water circulation -what we can do for our future water-"

January 21, 2020

  • Human Development

Hitachi held a science workshop titled "Water circulation -what we can do for our future water-" as one of the science club activities at Toshima city Kaname elementary school on January 21, 2020, and the workshop gathered 30 participants. Hitachi has been holding this workshop at Hitachi Ikebukuro works since 2007 for the purpose of conveying the joy of learning science to children, as part of the company’s community support activities, targeted at the science club members at Toshima city elementary schools.

On the day, the club members learned water resources and water circulation with some quizzes, and conducted the experiment in water purification using filtration equipment made by a plastic bottle and membrane* filtration module. The children filtered unclean water and observed passionately the process of purifying water. They were excited to see water being cleaned through filtering. During the workshop, children actively asked questions about the structure of membrane filtration module that they had not seen before, and looked very much interested in the content of the workshop.

Through such activities, Hitachi will continue to offer opportunities to learn the importance of water or environment for children taking the lead in the next generation.

*The membrane used for the filtration in this workshop is a Microfiltration Membrane (MF) membrane. MF membrane is used in a wide range of fields, from household water purifiers, emergency filter to secure drinking water in case of disaster, pretreatment filtration of industrial water, ultrapure water production to the final filtration of medical water production.

Children learning water resourcesExperiment in water purification using MF (Microfiltration) Membrane

Left side: Children learning water resources
Right side: Experiment in water purification using MF (Microfiltration) Membrane

Organizer Hitachi, Ltd. Brand & Marketing Communications Dept. Business Strategy Planning Div. Industry Business Div.
In Cooperation with Toshima city Kaname elementary school
Location Ditto
Number of visitors Students at Kaname elementary school 23, our employee staffs 7
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