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"Sustainable seafood family cooking" workshop

February 2, 2020

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With the corporation of Seiyo Food-Compass Group, Inc, Hitachi held "Sustainable seafood family cooking" workshop at the innovation center of Seiyo Food-Compass. This workshop was designed for raising awareness of sustainable seafood *1 served at the employee cafeteria in Hitachi Ikebukuro works. The workshop gathered 17 participants including employees and their families at Ikebukuro works.

On the day, the participants enjoyed learning marine organisms and environmental issues in the ocean with buzzer quizzes. After that, they cooked a fish burger using Pangasius certificated by BAP*2, observing the chef's cooking. Beside the fish burger, they had a gratin used whiteleg shrimps certificated by BAP, as well as salmon carpaccio. One of the children asked simple questions such as why a shrimp turns into red after heating and so on, while their parents asked the chef how to prepare and cook the seafood. They had a fun time with good meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to offering sustainable seafood menu at the employee cafeteria, by organizing these events and workshops, Hitachi continues to provide opportunities to increase the recognition of sustainable seafood.

*1Sustainable Seafood: Sustainable Marine products caught and farmed by the way to give care for marine resource and environment.
*2BAP: Best Aquaculture Practices. Certification that secures sustainability, food-safety, social responsibility and animal's welfare and health, in aquaculture related facilities. It has been developed and updated by Technical Committee under the guidance of the Standards Oversight Committee, which consists of various stakeholders.

The participants enjoying cooking a fish burgerExplanation of buzzer quizzes by the

Left side: The participants enjoying cooking a fish burger
Right side: Explanation of buzzer quizzes by the "expert of marine organism"

Organizer Hitachi, Ltd. Brand & Marketing Communications Dept. Business Strategy Planning Div. Industry Business Div.
Cooperating organizations Seiyo Food-Compass Group, Inc.
Location Seiyo Food-Compass Group, Inc. Innovation center
Number of visitors 17
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