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Programming workshop for elementary school students at Totsuka Ward, Yokohama

February 15, 2020

  • Human Development

Employee volunteers at Service Platform Business Division Group, a software development base in Hitachi, held a programming workshop targeting elementary school students at the community house of Kashio Elementary School, Totsuka Ward, Yokohama, and it gathered sixteen participants including students in the first-grade to eight-grade and their parents.
Since FY 2017, these employee volunteers, who want students to know how fun programming is, have been holding programming workshops mainly aimed at elementary school students in Yokohama and Kawasaki. This was their seventh workshop.

On the day at the workshop, the students used a visual programming language called "Scratch". This language makes it easy to create games by simply connecting code blocks. In the workshop, the students created a game in which they could get points every time a cat in the screen touched fruits dropping from the sky.
By assembling a series of flows so that the arrow of the keyboard in the direction that the player wants to move and the movement of the cat could be linked, they learned the basics of programming that the computer understands the instructions and performs various tasks.

In order to enhance students' problem solving capabilities, the volunteers devised the workshop to be more fun by adding interesting features to a game; changing the dropping position of fruits as well as scores and speed.
The students were passionately engaged in their first time workshop and when the game they created worked, they exclaimed for joy. Even after the game was completed, they extended what they learned in the text and shared their unique ideas, such as making a sound whenever a cat touches fruits. The students were having a lot of fun.
According to the questionnaire to participants, the majority of participants said that the workshop was fun and easy to understand', and some said that they would like to participate in the workshop again.
In response to the above request, the volunteers will also prepare the learning materials for those who have an experience of a programming in addition to the material aimed at students who have already participated in the workshop before.

The demand for programming education intended for students is on the rise, due to the fact that it is effective to develop logical thinking at an earlier age. Against this backdrop, from 2020, programming education becomes a compulsory subject at elementary schools in Japan.
We will not only continue to hold programming workshops but also improve volunteers' teaching skills with learning from other programming workshops, as well as expand our activities in cooperation with educators and others.
We will continue to make a contribution to human development for the next generation going forward.

Left side: a game on Scratch created by participants //
Right side: participants engaging in the lecture

Organizer Hitachi, Ltd. Systems & Services Business Division Service Platform Business Division Group IoT & Cloud Service Business Division
Location Community house of Kashio Elementary School, Totsuka Ward, Yokohama city
Number of participants 16 (Visitors, attendees), 13 (Our employees and their families as volunteers+our employee operation staffs)
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