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[Attaining the next level of image quality]
A wide range of essential image adjustment parameters dedicated to optimizing cardiac image quality; a variety of technologies to reduce confounding factors that inhibit signal fidelity such as patient dependent variability; transducers, image processing algorithms, monitor display: Hitachi has further refined technologies at every level for LISENDO 880. PURE SYMPHONIC ARCHITECTURE providing premium level image clarity for cardiac diagnosis.

2DTTE Transducer

The phased array transducer has been newly designed to realize the high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution especially required for cardiology. With an improved shape that is comfortable to hold and fits easily in intercostal spaces, it can reduce variable factors such as user skill- and patient disease-dependencies that can inhibit image clarity.




The newly developed transmission/reception technology for LISENDO 880 realizes significant S/N improvement and reduces focal dependency whilst providing excellent penetration at higher frequencies. eFocusing offers a real-time display not modified by image processing, selected by a one-touch operation.

Focused at all depths

Active Backend


Hitachi's unique image processing technologies evolved from former models are further refined for LISENDO 880. Combined with the newly developed transducers and eFocusing technology, they deliver imaging with outstanding definition which can be optimized for each user's preference.

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