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The Hitachi Compact Membrane Bioreactor (C-MBR) consists of two or three membrane modules in a vertical formation containing multiple membrane element sheets.
Pumping wastewater through the flat sheet membranes effectively treats the water.
Sludge clogging on membrane surfaces is greatly reduced because the air is constantly diffused from beneath the bottom membrane module.
The membrane pore size is small enough to remove pathogens, coliform bacteria and helminth eggs and produce high quality treated water that can be recycled for various applications.
Hitachi offers C-MBR and helps clients to treat and reuse the sewage for various needs.


Plant System Image


  1. Space saving
    The system is compact and has a reduced footprint because of its short retention time and stacked structure.
  2. High quality treated water
    • For effective filtration, the membrane pore size is 0.1μm, so pathogens, coliform bacteria and helminth eggs can be removed.
    • Treated water can be recycled for irrigation, landscaping, car washing, concrete curing and so forth.
  3. Easily installed
    Because it is a prefabricated system, installation time is short.
  4. Easy operation and maintenance
    Simple flat membrane structure prevents fibrous twine screenings in raw water.

(In-house comparison)


Treatment and reuse of wastewater from

  • Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Shipping
  • Food processing
  • Health care
  • Electronics
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Petroleum industry
  • Educational institutions