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DISK SCREEN has rotating disks mounted at even intervals on multiple, parallel, vertical shafts. Floating material and debris in river water can be conveyed away from the intake point and back into the river by the rotating disks.
DISK SCREEN is an innovative screen solution that solves the problem of debris retention and disposal.


This screen consists of interlocking disks fixed on adjacent shafts in an alternating fashion. The clearance between each of these overlapping disks creates the opening of the screen, while the disks prevent the ingress of floating material and debris. The disks push floating material away from the intake and downriver as they rotate together in one direction.





  1. Easy operation
    Disposal of accumulated floating material is not required.
  2. Less clogging
    It has a self-cleaning mechanism.
  3. Easy installation
    Integrated screen is included.

(In-house comparison)


  • Intake for thermal power plant
  • Intake for agricultural water
  • Intake for water treatment plant
  • Drainage pumping station


DISK SCREEN is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.