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DUAL SCREEN has a unique construction that combines two types of screens having different depth and thickness.
With this structure, both coarse and fine screens can be combined in one unit.
Moreover, DUAL SCREEN provides higher throughput capacity compared to our conventional product.


Photo of screen

Two types of screen, having different depth and thickness, are combined. As coarse debris is caught by the robust coarse screen, the thickness of the fine screen bar can be reduced, increasing the open area ratio of the screen.
Using SUS304 stainless steel for the screen prolongs its operating life.


Throughput capacity comparison
(Experimental values with fresh water except for calculated
value in the case of conventional type with 12mm bar spacing)

  1. Space saving and energy saving
    DUAL SCREEN provides two functions in one unit with the same kW motor as the conventional type.
  2. Easy retrofit of conventional type
    Except for the screen and rake, DUAL SCREEN has the same construction as the conventional type.

Conventional type of automatic bar screen

DUAL SCREEN : High-capacity Automatic Bar Screen

Standard Screen Configuration

Fine spacing 12mm
Coarse spacing 76mm

Fine spacing 15mm
Coarse spacing 72mm

Fine spacing 20mm
Coarse spacing 68mm

Fine spacing 25mm
Coarse spacing 83mm


DUAL SCREEN is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.