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Effective measure for water shortages by combining different types of water resources.

  • We deliver an energy-saving, low-cost seawater desalination system by integrating sewage treatment processes.
  • Water recycling systems are an effective option in cities with water shortages and industrial parks.



  1. Large energy saving
    Utilizing this system allows pump power energy efficiency to be maximized by reducing the amount of sewage treatment water and the salt concentration in the SWRO raw water.
  2. Stable operation / product water quality
    Using a membrane process allows for a continuous supply and stable water quality. Although this process has been developed fairly recently, the ability to continuously operate this system for more than three years has been verified.
  3. Lower cost
    Data taken from continuous operation research confirmed a total cost reduction of approximately 40% resulting from a reduction in pump power consumption.
    In addition, seawater desalination allows for a decrease in pressure, and construction costs are also reduced due to changes in configuration and equipment.
  4. Minimal environmental impact
    In the past, the high concentration of wastewater discharged from SWRO has resulted in a negative impact on the environment.
    However, in this system, in order to lower the concentration of the SWRO raw water concentration, the effluent for discharge is comparable to seawater.

(In-house comparison)

SWRO : Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System

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