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What is the ideal operation of the water supply plant?

The ideal operation involves “Stable Water Supply” with “Energy Saving” while meeting the “Basic Requirements.”

System Outline

The Water Supply Operation System forecasts water demands based on temperature, weather, and other factors and sets water intake and supply plans.

Main Benefits

  • Stable water supply by utilizing water supply regions
  • Forecast of daily water demands based on temperature, weather, day of the week, and other factors
  • Energy savings throughout the entire water supply plant from water intake to water supply

Main Functions

Water Demand Forecasting Function

This function can forecast and calculate daily water demand using statistical analysis of temperature, weather, and other information entered by an operator. The parameters used for the statistical analysis calculation are automatically updated daily, enabling forecasts of secular demand change.

Planning round-the-clock Water Supply Services

Collectively sets round-the-clock water supply plans that meet operational restrictions and facility conditions for respective pumping plants and water purification plants in consideration of the overall water intake and supply balance. Operation planning know-how can also be incorporated into the system.

Support for power peak cut/shift

Hitachi supports the drawing up of an operation plan for a power peak cut/shift of the total water intake/water supply. Utilizing the water level buffer of the distribution water reservoir, an operation plan can be drawn up for the water intake/water supply pumps to achieve contract power and the conditions of the negawatt power contract. Also, an assessment of the risk to a stable supply will be carried out in preparation for lowering the water level of the reservoir.

System Configuration

Flexibly applicable from the client server type to connections to other companies' facilities.

Case 1 :
Client Server Type(Identical terminal)

Case 2 :
Client Server Type(Individual terminal)

Case 3 :
Easy Connection to Other Companies' Facilities

Graphical User Interface
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