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Through co-creation with our Procurement Partners,
Hitachi aims at a prosperous and sustainable society.

Our Partnership Policy

Hitachi aims to co-create value with our procurement partners in various business fields.

Sustainable Procurement

To promote procurement activities that emphasize sustainability, we have formulated and publicly disclosed guidelines and our basic policy.

Requirements for Business with Hitachi

  • Flow to the start of transaction
  • Digitalization Policy for Hitachi Procurement Transaction
  • Supply chain finance

Chief Procurement Officer Message

CPO Photo:Alice Po Chief Procurement Officer Head of Value Integration Division

Hitachi accelerates growth through complete innovations in Digital and Green ability while Partners are roots towards strengthening our Global Competitiveness.”

We look forward to integrating with Partners’ Excellencies and Expertise on global scale and deliver sustainability to society.

Chief Procurement Officer
Head of Value Integration Division
Alice Po