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Omika Green Network

Fields for experimental verification: Omika Works - Cooperation for decarbonization, Support for decarbonization

Omika Green Network

Co-creation for decarbonization that
makes growth possible

Aiming for both business growth and
reductions in our impact on the environment,
Omika Works is building a network, with itself as the hub,
to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire value chain

Carbon neutrality has become an urgent issue, and Hitachi is taking various initiatives to achieve both business growth and to reduce our impact on the environment. One such initiative is the decarbonization support network “Omika Green Network,” which has been conducting various experimental verification in real-world fields at the Omika Works and has been accumulating technologies and know-how related to decarbonization. In addition, with the Omika Works as the hub, we are also proceeding with experimental verification and initiatives in collaboration with regional and supply-chain stakeholders. We are utilizing the knowledge gained through these activities to support environmental management that contributes to the continuity of our customers’ businesses, to strengthening competitiveness, and to creating new businesses.

Promoting experimental verification in real-world fields at Hitachi, Ltd.’s Omika Works

Omika Works is a base for manufacturing and developing information control systems. Utilizing its existing knowledge of factory management DX*1 (in production management and energy management), the Omika Works has started environmental management GX*2. They have been conducting experimental verification in real-world fields at the Works and have been accumulating technologies and know-how related to decarbonization.

DX: Digital Transformation
GX: Green Transformation

Toward decarbonization and resolving social issues in regions and the entire supply chain

With the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in regions and supply chains, we are promoting the formation of a social infrastructure ecosystem in which various experimental verification results related to environmental management GX are shared with many stakeholders. We are doing this through the Omika Green Network, with Omika Works as the hub.

Video introducing the green network initiatives at Omika Works

Omika Green Network : Co-creation for decarbonization that makes growth possible

Efforts of Omika Works

Through our activities and businesses, we are working to strengthen energy conservation and reduce CO2 emissions.
Reduction target: Achieve carbon neutrality in FY 2024 (emissions in the Works)

To achieve carbon neutrality at our business sites by FY 2030 (Hitachi Carbon Neutrality 2030), we are working to strengthen energy conservation and reduce CO2 emissions through our own activities and businesses.
By aggregating information from power sensors in EcoAssist-Enterprise and data visualization, we predict power demand, utilize renewable energy through solar power generation and storage batteries, and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, by linking FEMS*3 with our production plans, we suppress peak power.

FEMS:Factory Energy Management System

CO2emission reduction measures: Amorphous transformer, Storage batteries, Highly efficient air conditioning, Power sensors, LED, Solar panels

Cycle of initiatives for carbon neutrality

The GX experimental verification at Omika Works take the form of a cycle for achieving carbon neutrality. The cycle includes understanding the current status of CO2 emissions, formulating a reduction plan, implementing the reduction measures, and evaluating them.

Processes to achieve carbon neutrality

1:Visualize CO2 emission volumes (make visible and viewable) 2:Set CO2 reduction targets 3:Derive measures to achieve goals and formulate roadmaps 4,5,6:Energy conser-vation, Renew-able energy 7:Check CO2 reduction status. Publicly disseminate decarbonation initiatives

Initiatives for regional and supply-chain decarbonization

By building a “social infrastructure ecosystem” (an organizational structure for decarbonization co-creation initiatives) with various stakeholders, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality.

Social infrastructure ecosystem

Total support service for customer GX: GX Total System Engineering

GX Total System Engineering is based on the knowledge, know-how, and technology gained from Omika Works’ GX experimental verification. We can provide total support to help our customers achieve their decarbonization goals: from concept formulation to promoting actual activities and establishing them as processes.

GX Total System Engineering


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