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Social Infrastructure Information Systems

Hitachi will host the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN, the largest scale Hitachi group event, from Monday, October 11 to Friday, October 15, as a forum for creating opportunities for collaboration with customers and partners, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society through its global Social Innovation Business.

Social Infrastruction Systems Division will exibit contents below.
(Available in the Archive after the event)

Business Sessions

10/13 Wed. 11:20-12:00
Towards Building a Secure, Safe, and Resilient Society
- Values Realized by Innovation of Social Infrastructure and Services -

Recently, unexpected threats and disasters such as COVID-19, large-scale disasters, and cyber terrorism have occurred frequently, and there is an urgent need to further strengthen social infrastructure.
On the other hand, businesses are required to correspond to rapid and unpredictable changes and accelerate innovation into providing higher value.
In response to this situation, Hitachi is creating new value through collaboration of data and things, while deepening open discussion across organizations or business fields.
In this session, we will focus on the future society changing globally and rapidly, and discuss the ideal way to build a secure and safe resilient society, realized by innovation of services supporting business and society.


10/15 Fri. 10:50-11:10
Grid Stabilization Solutions and Analysis Service for Electric Power Systems

In this session, viewers, such as those in charge of power utilities or plant owners with their own power generation facilities, can learn about the grid stabilization solutions and the power system analysis services Hitachi provides. These solutions and services could provide the powerful means to solve the problems in power systems, such as the instability caused by renewable energy among others.

10/13 Wed. 14:00-14:20
Quick Solutions to Society's Optimization Issues with CMOS Annealing.

"Combination optimization" is the issue of making the best choices from many options. Hitachi's CMOS annealing quickly finds the best answer for these questions, seen in various situations throughout society. In this session, we will highlight CMOS annealing's potential for solving for various issues, from the challenges currently facing companies to future social issues, with a focus on a use-case from the rail sector.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Power Plant Solution for Decarbonized and Distributed Power Sources

The opitimization of use of distributed power sources is underway, with decarbonization and resilience driving it in the background. We aim to accelerate the distributed power generation business further by effectively using small-scale distributed power sources with IoT based virtual power planning solutions.

Smart Mobility Solution

In this exhibition, we will introduce digital solutions for public transportation on railways from the passengers' and transport operators' point of view.

Value Creation in the New Normal Era - Strengthening Resilience through IoT -

To make the best out of the New Normal Era, it is necessary to develop IT that is mainly used for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and actively use IoT to strengthen infrastructure resilience and transform business models.
In June 2021, Hitachi entered into a partnership with SORACOM, INC. to accelerate the promotion of our global IoT business. In this exhibition, we will introduce our collaborative creation use cases with improved infrastructure resilience and a vision for business model transformation.

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