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Digital Ticketing System

Cross-Industry Solutions

This system is a flexible, modern ticket service which provides optimized fares
for passengers with simple infrastructure.


The Digital Ticketing System is the starting point for data collection for IoT businesses and leads to increased customer satisfaction and better user experience. Hitachi’s ticketing system provides new value not only to transportation operators but also to passengers. This system achieves top-line growth by collecting fares from each passenger who uses any relevant form of transportation in a particular region, applying fair pricing, increasing the number of passengers, and reducing operation and maintenance costs through the optimization of hardware and human resources. For passengers, the system provides not only a hands-free ticketing service and integrated ticketing, but also various types of information via smart devices, leading to a broader user experience.


Hitachi’s ticketing system identifies when passengers board and alight various forms of transportation, calculates fares based on passengers' location information even in environments without touch points such as automated ticket gates and validators. This system can be implemented by installing back-end servers, frontend wireless equipment, and smart devices. To achieve full control over the flow of passengers, several wireless devices must first be installed at specific locations: in stations, on train platforms, and on trains and buses. Next, passengers must download the dedicated app (including the Be-In, Be-Out function) to their smartphones. When a passenger arrives at a station or stop, the app on their smartphone detects their location by linking with wireless devices (such as beacons) installed at the station or on the train or bus. Information about where the passenger boarded and alighted is aggregated in the backend system. Based on this information, the backend system identifies the passengers' journey, calculates the fare, and finally processes their payment according to their usage history. Hitachi’s ticketing system serves as a starting point for expanding Mobility as a Service (MaaS) businesses by leveraging the aggregated data through the expansion of services and systems for cities and daily life.