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HiRDB is a database management system (DBMS) that is the foundation upon which you can build a highly reliable information system.
The features and functionalities to implement high reliability are:


HiRDB provides a level of performance to adapt to hardware extensions, making it possible to start operation at a small level, and then expand as business grows. In a large-scale system made up of multiple server machines, data can be efficiently processed in parallel and at high speeds. As a result, online operations can run longer, even when handling large volumes of data.


HiRDB can also connect to Hitachi storage systems to execute related operations in the background, such as backups, reorganization, or batch operations, without causing the performance of online operations to deteriorate.


Even if a failure occurs in a database or server, the online service does not stop.
HiRDB linked to the cluster software enables the world’s fastest level of stable failover in a few dozen seconds.
New transaction s that are accepted during system switchover of a few dozen seconds can be held until the service restarts. This enables service to continue without requiring end user intervention.


Data security has been improved against internal and external illegal accesses. With HiRDB, customers can use tables that only permit data insertion. This prevents data from accidental or intentional alterations. Also, HiRDB can log accesses into its database. You can use this log for security auditing or for monitoring illegal accesses.