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Water Environment Solutions


The Float Type Flocculator has a floating shaft that can reduce the underwater load on the flocculator.
With this structure, the number of intermediate bearings can be reduced, and workability and maintainability can be improved.


Hitachi's Float Type Flocculator


  1. Reduced repair costs
    The number of bearings can be reduced compared to conventional flocculators. Since the shaft diameter is thicker and more buoyant because it is submersed, it is possible to extend the operating life of the bearings compared to conventional units. As a result, repair costs can also be reduced.
  2. Improved workability
    Workability for installation or repair, including difficult work such as leveling, can be improved since the number of bearings to be installed is far fewer than required for a conventional unit.
  3. Increased life span of bearings
    Due to the buoyancy of the shaft, the load on the bearings is reduced, so the bearings life span can be extended. As a result, repair costs can also be reduced.

(In-house comparison)


  • Flocculation tank of water treatment plant