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Water Environment Solutions

Hitachi can contribute to solve the issues of limited water


In the water business, Hitachi, Ltd. has supplied numerous products, systems and services to more than 40 countries in a wide range of fields, including water supply and sewage infrastructure, industrial water treatment, seawater desalination and water recycling for almost a century. Taking advantage of this experience, we will provide new technologies and solutions with a focus on IoT. Moreover, Hitachi will contribute to achieving the goals for water as set forth in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Solutions
  • Products and Systems

Stable safe water supply

Hitachi contributes to a safe and secure supply of drinking water with a wide range of technologies.

Conventional Water Treatment

Water Supply Solutions

Iron and Manganese Removal

Stable management of the water supply system

Advanced Information and Control Systems

Recycled Water

Recycled Water / Advanced Treatment

Energy Saving Water treatment system

Hitachi contributes to efficient operation and energy-saving and energy-creation for realization of low enegy cosumption and low carbon society.

Energy Saving for Water distribution system

Advanced Information and Control Systems

Energy Saving System for sewage treatment

Energy Saving Seawater desalination

Seawater desalination

Hitachi contributes to enegy-saving and reduction of environmental impact based on our diferentiation technologies.

Protection of the water environment

Hitachi contributes to improvements in the water environment with advanced technologies.

Conventional Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment Solutions

Advanced Sewage Treatment

Advanced Nitrogen Treatment

Recycled Water

Recycled Water / Advanced Treatment

Energy Saving System for sewage treatment

Lakes and marine pollution measures

Sulphate Removal

Improvement of Water supply revenue ratio

Hitachi contributes to efficiency gains for operators in managing water leakage, as well as higher earnings due to reduction of leakage by our proprietary simulation analysis.

Hitachi's track record

Hitachi has supplied equipment to more than 200 sites in approximately 40 countries and regions. Drawing on this experience, Hitachi plans to further develop its business areas.

Intelligent water systems