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Water Environment Solutions


Compact washing machine with sludge cutter function


Integrated crushing and flushing functions

Comminutor and flushing mixer are installed in one tank. Debris is crushed by the comminutor and flushed in the flushing zone.

Non-clog pump

Non-clog type equipped with a blade in the pump head is adopted for the transfer pump. This enables the closed-piping transfer system and leads to the stable transfer of debris.


  1. Makes working environment sanitary and simple
    Working environment is made sanitary and simple by closed-piping transfer system for debris using this device.
  2. Space saving
    This device is very compact and the comminutor and flushing mixer are installed in one tank.
    This leads to a better working flow line than transfer using multiple conveyor belts.
  3. Improvement of flushing efficiency
    Flushing efficiency is improved and the odor is reduced since human excrement is crushed by the comminutor.

(In-house comparison)