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Water Environment Solutions


Removes impurities in storm water, utilizing the fall of water with no driving power.


Solution for overflow of impurities in heavy rain

Following heavy rain or squalls, rain water, including domestic sewage, may be directly discharged to rivers without treatment, carrying over various contaminants that can cause pollution in the river.
STORM SCREEN and Storm Disk are high capacity fine-screen treatment units that can solve the problem of water pollution caused by storm water contamination of public water resources.


  1. Auto-mechanical
    No electrical power is required for this equipment because rotation of the cleaning brush is driven by the head of the rainwater as it flows over the weir.
  2. No control system required.
    When rainwater overflows the weir, it rotates the paddle. When the water level subsides and stops overflowing, the paddle stops rotating. Hence a control system is not required.
  3. Efficiently removes debris and impurities of sewage.
    Spiral-shaped brush efficiently removes debris and impurities of sewage.
  4. Easy and quick installation
    It is possible to fit the equipment through a 600mm diameter manhole. There is no electrical work required, making installation quick and relatively easy.


For debris and impurities in heavy rain


Item Basic specification
Screen diameter 400mm 700mm
Capacity 0.175m3/s・m 0.4m3/s・m
Screen mesh size 4mm or 6mm
Screen width 1mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm,
1.75mm, 2mm


As an option, an auto-powered monitoring device can be installed.


STORM SCREEN is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.