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Photo : HI VISION Avius

There are various pieces of essential examination equipment in hospitals such as CT scans and MRI's etc.. This product is an ultra sound examination device that can be used in obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics; and it also even has uses in emergency medicine and surgery.

Presently, there is limited space in hospitals for examination rooms and wards. There is a demand for a miniature type ultrasound examination device that is optimal for smaller spaces in small/medium size hospitals and city clinics.

Hitachi Medco's Digital Ultra Sound Examination Device [HI VISION Avius] was developed under the theme of miniaturization. In addition to high quality, [HI VISION Avisu] succeeded in being compact with a device width of 450mm, and depth of 700mm. It can be used in bedside and other space limited examination environments.

Moreover, the interface was considered to reduce the fatigue of doctors and surgeons who see many patients per day. It features a trackball that can be moved with the fingers as a button on the operation screen. The essential buttons are positioned in concentric circles to fit in the palm of the hand, allowing speedy operation for doctors who cannot look at their hands.

Photo : HI VISION Avius

In addition, it follows the [HI VISION Preirus]'s concept devising a color and shape that allows children and adults alike to relax while getting an examination. The entire body is round creating a charming form, while keeping the base color as white, it also incorporates smile yellow and blue, creating a friendly impression for every patient in any setting that it is used.

The [HI VISION Avius] was evaluated for having a gentle design, and being a compact device with functional qualities so it was awarded the 2011 iF product design award.

This product is for medical professionals so it is not sold or distributed in general sales.

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