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Hitachi Review

Volume 65 Number 8 September 2016

Security for Safe and Secure Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure systems provide 24-hour/365-day support for both business and daily life. However, along with efficiency improvements such as the application of IoT technology and operation over a wide area, and coordination between operators, security threats continue to rise year by year, including a growing diversity of cyber-attacks. In response, Hitachi is working to achieve a safe and secure society by engaging in collaborative creation with numerous organizations based on the concept of protection at the system, organization, and operational levels. This issue of Hitachi Review describes the associated technologies, products, and solutions, including specific examples of how they are deployed.

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About Hitachi Review

Hitachi Review is a technical journal filled with articles about the technologies being developed by the Hitachi Group and the products, services, and solutions that are based on them.

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Hitachi Technology 2016
Hitachi Technology is a special issue of Hitachi Review published annually. It contains articles on Hitachi technologies from its many different businesses.
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