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Hitachi Review

Volume 65 Number 9 November 2016

Innovative R&D Report 2016

In this age of uncertainty that we are living in today, there is a strong need for research and development (R&D) that, starting with the challenges facing customers, attempts to pivot as the circumstances demand while working with customers to develop hypotheses and test the market's reaction. To meet these needs, Hitachi undertook a reorganization of its R&D organization based on the three pillars of "collaborative creation with customers," "technology-driven innovation," and "exploratory research," and now, as we enter the second year of that effort, the benefits are already starting to emerge. This issue of Hitachi Review presents recent R&D work together with examples of solutions resulting from collaborative creation with customers, and also covers the ethos that researchers have handed down from the past in an unbroken chain.

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About Hitachi Review

Hitachi Review is a technical journal filled with articles about the technologies being developed by the Hitachi Group and the products, services, and solutions that are based on them.

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John D. Cook / Robert Primmer / Ab de Kwant

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Hitachi Technology 2016
Hitachi Technology is a special issue of Hitachi Review published annually. It contains articles on Hitachi technologies from its many different businesses.
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