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Editorial Coordinator, “Measurement and Analysis Technologies for Future Science and Social Innovation” Issue

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Measurement and analysis technologies contribute to science and technology by enabling new discoveries such as the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) double helix and the detection of neutrinos. They also deliver numerous benefits in our daily lives, such as conducting clinical analyses at a health check and testing the composition of food. In industry, they are used in research and development and in process and quality control. Advanced measurement and analysis technologies are recognized as promoting innovation and boosting scientific and technical competitiveness.

In these ways, measurement and analysis technologies can be thought of as underpinning the progress of science and society. This issue of Hitachi Review presents the latest trends and solutions in measurement and analysis from numerous fields, including the environment and renewable energy, new materials, life science, and electronics.

In Expert Insights, Prof. Daisuke Shindo, a professor at Tohoku University who is also team leader of Emergent Phenomena Observation Technology Research Team at the National Research and Development Institute, RIKEN, has contributed an article about his expectations for the world’s first atomic-resolution holography electron microscope, which was developed by Hitachi with support from the Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program).

In Technotalk, leaders active in leading-edge research talk about the latest trends in the field of measurement and analysis technology and prospects for the future. We also have articles, Special Contributions, about work being undertaken in partnership with Hitachi covering the latest university research. Prof. Dr. Max Haider from Corrected Electron Optical Systems GmbH (CEOS) of Germany also contributes an article about joint development with Hitachi dealing with the aberration corrector that enabled the atomic-resolution holography electron microscope to achieve world-leading resolution.

Other articles describe various products and solutions for measurement and analysis from Hitachi that satisfy the latest requirements. As requirements become more diverse, measurement and analysis technologies are being called on to deliver not only higher performance but also new functions for specific purposes or ways of integrating or merging different measurement and analysis techniques. The articles in this issue cover numerous initiatives of this nature.

Through collaborative creation, Hitachi is working to develop new businesses and services by establishing a common understanding of the challenges facing customers and partners. Above all else, measurement and analysis technologies are closely linked to their requirements, and Hitachi collaborates with key opinion leaders to create leading-edge technologies and solutions.

I hope that this issue of Hitachi Review will foster understanding of Hitachi’s measurement and analysis technologies and its work on developing products and solutions, and will provide us all with opportunities for the collaborative creation of new value.

Toshio Masuda, P.E.Jp

Chief Engineer

Planning and Facilitating Department Research and Development Division Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (serving as editor at time this issue was written)

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