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Business Information

Digital Systems & Services

 Digital Systems & Services image

Promote digital transformation (DX) of customers' business systems and social infrastructure to help realize a sustainable society

Main products and services
  • Front Business: IT and digital systems in mission-critical fields such as financial institutions, public offices, municipalities and social infrastructure
  • IT Services: DX solutions and services
  • Services & Platforms: Designs, digital engineering, data analytics, cloud services and IT products
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Green Energy & Mobility

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Ensure happiness of people around the globe through delivering green energy & mobility

Main products and services
  • Energy solutions (power grids, nuclear, renewable and distributed power sources)
  • Railway systems (rolling stock, signals, controls, services and maintenance, smart mobility, turnkey)
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Connective Industries

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This sector brings together unrivaled products, connects them to use digital, and offers them as solutions. We aim to be "sustainable value creators."

Main products and services
  • Urban Group: Elevators, escalators and building services, home appliances, air-conditioning systems
  • Advanced Technologies Group: Healthcare (clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analyzers, automated cell culture equipment, particle therapy system, etc.), measurement and analysis (semiconductor metrology/inspection equipment, electron microscopes, etc.)
  • Industry Group: Industry & distribution solutions, robotics SI, water supply and sewage, utilities solutions, industrial equipment
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