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Hitachi promotes its Social Innovation Business with efforts to perceive the social issues in each country or region, followed by collaborative creation with customers, national and local governments, academic and research institutes, and other stakeholders to resolve them. We strive to enhance the value of human capital–which are indispensable management resources for conducting business–and place importance on direct dialogue between employees and senior management.
Furthermore, given the recent increase in ESG investments, we actively engage in dialogues with shareholders and investors as well.
In March 2021, Hitachi Europe held a two-day online stakeholder dialogue based on the theme of "Hitachi's approach towards a zero-carbon society." The event welcomed 29 participants, including corporate executives, persons involved in sustainability activities, policy makers, investors, and NGOs. Hitachi will continue to promote active dialogues with stakeholders and work to increase social and environmental value by applying knowledge from this event in corporate management activities.

[image]Dialogue with Stakeholders