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Five reasons why customers choose Hitachi

Providing a total seamless solutions by connecting with digital technology, we resolve your business issues

Why can Hitachi respond to the diverse issues customers face, be their one-stop solution provider, and contribute to their sustainable growth through creation of innovation?
We have five specific strengths to realize it.

1Solving “Boundaries” issues by utilizing abundant experience and expertise in broad business fields

Hitachi boasts a history in Information Technology (IT) spanning more than five decades, and has cultivated its Operational Technology (OT) for more than a century with a product range that mainly involves social infrastructure. With extensive experience developed in these broad-ranging fields of business, and the expertise acquired through practical application as one of Japan’s greatest manufacturers, we leverage our strengths to create value through our ability owing Products, OT, and IT resources.

When introducing IoT in a factory, we achieve overall optimization by collecting data generated from products in physical space, assembling it in cyber space, and giving the analysis feedback to OT, which drives products. For this, profound knowledge, experience and expertise are required in the fields of products, OT and IT. That’s exactly the source of Hitachi’s proposal capabilities.

As customer needs become more diverse and advanced, there are cases where various gaps exist between the field, management, and the supply chain. Hitachi calls this “the boundaries.” As IoT advances between businesses within a company, or between companies, the boundaries will become more complicated. Hitachi provides total seamless one-stop solutions by connecting with digital technology to solve boundary issues which arise not only between businesses but between companies, ranging from procurement and manufacturing to logistics and retail by utilizing the broad experience and expertise. With smooth collaboration between businesses or companies, we will achieve overall optimization of value chain, starting from individual optimization.

2Methodology and tools which realize collaborative creation with customers

NEXPERIENCE|Method・Space・IT Tools

In order to create new value for customer business, Hitachi has implemented NEXPERIENCE, a methodology of collaborative creation with customers based on design thinking effective for innovation, combining the strengths of both Hitachi and customers, and creating new services and business. For the experience-oriented approach”, activities of collaborative creation with customers using this, we focus on the pleasure, inspiration, and joy users experience, and develop collaborative creation with customers. There have already been over 1,000 collaborative creation activities by NEXPERIENCE, including global activities (as of September 2019.).

3Lumada accelerates digital innovation

Hitachi possesses expertise from many industry types and operations (use case solutions), cultivated in many business fields for many years and advanced digital technologies including AI, robotics, and security. This enables solutions, services, and technologies that take advantage of customer data to speedily create value through collaborative creation with customers. That’s Hitachi’s Lumada.

Going forward, we will package and register Lumada solutions and the application development environment to facilitate the introduction, and provide the Lumada Solution Hub, which will be available on the cloud base. This will achieve the speedy verification of solutions, and smooth transitions in production environments through collaborative creation with customers and efficient deployment to multiple bases, including overseas.

4Top-class research and development and intellectual property

In order to achieve social innovation with Lumada, Hitachi is building an open innovation ecosystem. To accelerate collaborative creation with customers and partners, we established the Collaboration Forest, a global collaborative creation place within the premises of the Central Research Laboratory in Tokyo. And we established Hitachi The University of Tokyo Laboratory, Hitachi Hokkaido University Laboratory, Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory, and Hitachi Kobe Laboratory for the aim of creating human-centered value and disruptive technology through research in social problem solving. Hitachi will further strengthen digital human capital, including top innovators in AI (FY2021: targeting 2,000 people). Also we will invest 1.2 trillion yen in research and development in FY2019-21 to create innovation with customers. We will respect customer’s intellectual property, and build a win-win framework for intellectual property with customers in order to promote partnerships that utilize intellectual property.

“Kyōsō-tō” within the Central Research Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd.

5Diverse human capital

To execute digital transformation, it is important to share a vision, the starting point for the future, and identify potential issues, the starting point for the present.

Hitachi develops a system by incorporating the process of collaborative creation with customers into NEXPERIENCE, discovering future business opportunities, sharing management strategies and vision, and exploring fundamental issues in business and processes that customers may not notice. With NEXPERIENCE based on design thinking, we will promote diversity effectively by making the most use of the unique qualities of diverse human capital and differences in culture in overseas research institutes and universities, in addition to the research laboratory and skilled design thinkers and experts, thus engaging in collaborative creation based on innovation and creative ideas.

Contents of this page are applicable in Japan. The description of a total seamless solution aims at use in Japan.

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