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Accelerate your digital innovation.


Empowering your business with digital technology to deliver new value and drive sustainable growth.

Embracing social innovation through digital transformation (DX), Hitachi is collaborating with customers and partners across diverse industries to create new value for the sustainable evolution of society.

By harnessing Hitachi’s unique expertise and abundant talent, we empower accelerated co-creation with our customers leveraging the potential of digital technologies. We build on our strengths in both the physical and virtual realms, and this is where Lumada, our value-creation framework, plays a crucial role.   Learn more

Lumada = illuminate+data
(produces value by focusing on data)

Lumada: Empowering Co-creation for Your Business Innovation

Hitachi contributes to the growth of customers’ businesses by harnessing digital technologies and data, while also reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.
With the evolution of technology and diversification of lifestyles and values, businesses are evolving from selling goods to providing value through services, including experiential offerings, and the emergence of new businesses.
To effectively adapt to changes in business environments and anticipate the future, we assist in the growth of customers’ business by leveraging digital technologies and methodologies such as Lumada’s customer co-creation framework, data analysis and AI to create innovative value propositions and drive business growth.

Lumada’s Customer Co-creation Framework

What is Lumada’s Customer Co-creation Framework?

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Lumada’s Customer Co-creation FrameworkEnd-to-End Support for Customers’ Digital Innovation

Hitachi drives the co-creation with our customers to deliver new value to their customers, enabling the expansion of their business. Specifically, we leverage Lumada’s Co-creation framework, cultivated through our co-creation activities with customers, to provide End-to-End support for our customers’ business creation process.
For example, in scenarios where innovative user experiences need to be provided to our customers’ customers, we employ design-led digital engineering to quickly extract essential challenges and needs and design new user experiences. Leveraging Hitachi’s vast array of assets (AI tools, methodologies, use cases, solutions), as well as our accumulated knowledge, we consistently support everything from service development to delivery, analysis of usage data, and gaining insight.

End-to-End Support for Customers’ Digital Innovation

Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.

Coined from the words "illuminate" and "data", the name Lumada embodies our goal of shining a light on our customers' data and illuminating it in such a way that we can extract new insight, thereby resolving our customers' business issues and contributing to their business growth.