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Learn more about Lumada

Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital
solutions, services, and technologies
for turning data into insights to drive
digital innovation.

The name "Lumada" comes from the words "illuminate" and "data".
This name reflects our mission to shed light on our customers'
extensive data and identify potential correlations, to provide
insights valuable to their businesses.

Hitachi Lumada : Creating value from customer data and accelerating digital solutions

With the spread of IoT, data is propagating at an increasingly fast pace by businesses and consumers.
This data can be a source of new value.
Along with customers in various business areas, Hitachi is currently working on digital innovations to create new value. Lumada is the product of the ideas that come out of our collaborative efforts to create innovation.

Lumada concept movie (5:32)

Lumada concept movie


Hitachi helps you with everything from discovering latent problems to devising new strategies and methodologies. We have a complete palette of services to facilitate efficient co-creation with customers.

The first step is to identify latent issues. Hitachi's NEXPERIENCE systematizes co-creation methodologies for discovering latent issues in complex business processes. Similarly, Ex Approach (Hitachi's experience-oriented collection of co-creation methodologies and tools) helps you create new business models.

After working with a customer to identify issues, Hitachi uses AI and other technologies to develop a hypothesis for solving those problems. Based on the hypothesis, a prototype of a solution is created. Its efficacy and feasibility is then verified by using the Lumada Competency Center or by other means.
With Lumada, you can take advantage of these services and various other services that facilitate the smooth co-creation of digital solutions.

Domain expertise

Utilizing our rich portfolio of customer cases to swiftly deliver reliable digital solutions to your management issues.

Compiled as Lumada customer cases, Hitachi's industry-specific expertise and business process knowledge can be applied in various fields through co-creation with customers.
Lumada customer cases are models of digital solutions where Hitachi worked with customers to collaboratively create new value. Each customer case outlines various elements of the co-creation process, such as how value was created from data and what technologies (AI, analytics, etc.) were used in the process.

co-creation case study

When working on a new co-creation project with a customer, Hitachi builds a customized solution using as its building blocks the Lumada solutions and applications. Of the customer cases that have proven results in various industries, those that can be applied to address the customer's particular management problems are also incorporated. Applying existing customer cases to new problems allows us to accelerate the development of the digital solutions that create value.

Platform products and technologies

Platform services, technologies, and an architecture that helps you quickly implement advanced digital solutions.

Lumada consists of a core of platform services, architecture and technologies that enable the quick development and implementation of advanced digital solutions.

Lumada is comprised of six main layers form the architecture of the Lumada IoT platform: Edge, Core, Data Management, Analytics, Studio, and Foundry. Together they serve as a software platform that is intelligent, composable, secure, and flexible.
Lumada IoT Platform is your one stop for digital solutions that provide cutting-edge analytics technologies and asset management functions to help you resolve your management issues.

Lumada Is Aligned With Customer Needs

Intelligent Advanced analytics, machine learning and asset avatars to provide 360 degree view and actionable insights
Composable Open architecture to integrate with third-party alternatives and different elements to deliver best outcomes
Secure Security of assets, data, identity and access management
Flexible Runs on-premises and/or on cloud to meet customer's needs