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Co-Creation Approach

Lumada’s Customer Co-creation FrameworkSupporting Customers’ Digital Transformation Through Design-led Digital Engineering

At Hitachi, we view design as a continuous process that revolves around always putting people at the center, identifying objectives, and planning and executing strategies to achieve those objectives. With deep knowledge of the dynamic market landscape and customer needs, we develop products and solutions that truly embody the desired value through iterative cycles of learning from failures, continuous improvement, exploration, and adaptation.

Using design-led digital engineering, we understand your business challenges and how to leverage Hitachi’s vast array of assets, including AI tools, methodologies, use cases, solutions, and extensive product knowledge. With our deep understanding of your needs, we provide a comprehensive range of services that span solution design, system integration, connected products, and managed services.

We discover new challenges and insights by leveraging the data generated from the customer’s business activities and cutting-edge technology. By iterating the customer’s digital transformation, we support their sustainable business growth.

Truly embody the desired value

Digital talent, well-versed in domain knowledge, leverages Hitachi’s vast repository of assets to quickly create value.

Design thinkers, data scientists, digital engineers, and other professionals who have an understanding of rich domain knowledge accumulated through collaborative creation with customers from various industries and businesses utilize the wealth of assets (AI tools, methodologies, use cases, solutions, etc.) that Hitachi has accumulated to quickly create new value tailored to the customer’s challenges.

Support for business expansion through continuous improvement

Hitachi’s engineering team collaborates closely with customers throughout their business creation process, fostering ongoing enhancements to their services and products. By striving for continuous improvement, we actively contribute to the expansion of our customers’ businesses.

Digital talents who understand customers’ domain and are knowledgeable in OT, product, and IT work together to continuously support customers’ business processes.

  • In digital engineering, these experts rapidly identify essential customer challenges and offer solutions.
  • For system integration, system engineers collaborate with diverse experts possessing abundant knowledge of OT, products, and IT. Their joint efforts support application and system development, considering practical implementation methods.
  • In connected products and managed services, Hitachi assists customers in understanding new management challenges by analyzing usage data obtained from the service provision of customer applications and systems.

Co-creation CasesAchieving Sustainable Growth By Providing Innovative Customer Experience

1. Providing Innovative Customer Experiences through Smart Mobility

In Genova, Italy, the integrated smart mobility solution “Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management” has been used to digitally connect the entire urban transportation network, including public transportation and car-sharing. This will not only make public transportation more convenient but also contribute to decarbonization efforts.

Hitachi and AMT Genova have transformed the transportation infrastructure, which previously required separate reservations and payments for each mode of transportation such as buses, subways, and cable cars, into a smart mobility service where passengers can use the hands-free mobile app 360Pass.

2. Data-driven insights facilitate the sustainable growth of our customers’ businesses

By gaining insights from the data obtained through smart mobility services and evolving the services, we achieve sustainable growth for our customers’ businesses.

By visualizing CO2 emissions during train and electric vehicle usage to encourage further behavioral changes, and by utilizing acquired transportation data for timetable revisions and services during disasters, the diverse evolution of services will enable both the growth of our customers’ businesses and social contributions.

Enabling ConnectionsDiverse Range of Approaches to Accelerate Innovation

In an era of profound transformation, the challenges facing society and customers have grown increasingly intricate, rendering them difficult to address for any single company.
Hitachi accelerates the creation of new innovations by bringing together the expertise of customers and partners through various mechanisms that foster connections, and by harnessing the accumulated innovations that have emerged through co-creation for a range of use cases.

Lumada Innovation Hub

The Lumada Innovation Hub serves as a collaborative space where Hitachi, customers, and business partners come together to exchange knowledge and technologies, fostering a continuous creation of new value. In this dynamic hub, individuals unite both in the physical and virtual realms, blending diverse expertise with digital technologies to generate real-world value for society.

  • Domain experts
  • Design thinkers
  • Data scientists
  • Digital engineers

Lumada Alliance Program

The objective of this program is to foster innovations that tackle diverse social, business and regional challenges, recognizing that a single company cannot address them alone. With a vision centered on leveraging technology, expertise, and ideas to unlock new value from data, our aim is to enhance people’s quality of life and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the economy. Through active participation from partners who share this vision, we collaborate to address and resolve a wide range of social, business and regional issues. As we progress together, we circulate and share the value created, fostering mutual growth.

  • Innovation partners
  • Solution providers
  • Technology providers

Lumada Solution Hub

The Lumada Solution Hub serves as a mechanism to facilitate the registration and reutilization of Lumada solutions, as well as the creation of new solutions. It encompasses a diverse range of assets with verified outcomes, which can be combined to expedite the development of asset-based systems that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

  • Customer Cases
  • Solutions
  • Products / Services
  • Various Knowledge

SpecialistsEnd-to-end Support for Each Customer’s Digital Transformation

To achieve rapid digital transformation, it is vital to have adequate support from specialists with digital expertise. Hitachi’s team of specialists not only brings individual expertise but also has a unique understanding of diverse domain knowledge acquired through co-creation with customers spanning various industries and sectors.

Harnessing their expertise and domain knowledge, Hitachi’s specialists collaborate in team formations and engage in co-creation activities to extract valuable insights from customer data assets. This iterative process enables continuous business improvement.

  • Domain Expert
    Drive and support the implementation of solutions to the field, with knowledge in OT and the specific domain
  • Design Thinking
    Visualize the future vision of your business and share the desired destination
  • Engineering
    Utilize cutting-edge technologies across various fields to bring to life the generated ideas and designs
  • Data Science
    Collect data, conduct analysis, and find insights and strategies to determine the next steps or actions after system implementation
  • Security Consulting
    Support from planning to operation phase in both cyber and physical aspects

Leading company in digital engineering: GlobalLogic


GlobalLogic, a digital engineering leader, helps brands across the globe design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world.

By integrating experience design, complex engineering, and data expertise—we help clients imagine what’s possible, accelerating their transition into digital businesses.

GlobalLogic is a Hitachi Group Company.