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Lumada Alliance Program

Partnerships that accelerate open innovation
to improve social, environmental and economic value and QoL

What is the Lumada Alliance Program?

Our vision is to contribute towards improving people’s quality of life (QoL) and the sustainable development of society and the economy, by mutually utilizing technology, know-how, and ideas to create new value from data. In addition, by circulating this new value, we aim for mutual growth with our partners. The goal of this program is, by participating with partners who agree with our vision, to create innovations that address and resolve various social and regional issues that cannot be resolved by a single company.

To resolve such issues, we match up with partners who have various strengths (such as in digital solutions, global expansion capabilities, and technical support capabilities), to create a wave of many-to-many collaboration and to accelerate open innovation.

Ecosystem to be achieved with partners

To accelerate social innovation, we are building an ecosystem in which each partner can make contributions in their area of expertise.
We provide a platform for open innovation (a community), which can provide value and solutions to social issues difficult to resolve by one company alone.
In this community, we create new solutions that combine the variety of knowledge and expertise of our partners. By registering the created value in the Lumada Solution Hub, the value can be utilized further, and new value can be created. This chain of value creation will bring about continuous innovation.

1.Innovation partners

To resolve complex social issues and business issues with such social issues as their background, we collaborate with a variety of partners gathered in Hitachi and in the ecosystem. In this way, we can create innovation, while flexibly leveraging each company’s digital transformation technologies, know-how, ideas, and solutions.

2.Solution providers

By using the Lumada Solution Hub, partners including Hitachi can mutually provide and make use of digital solutions. In addition, multiple solutions in the ecosystem can be combined to create higher value-added solutions, which can then be deployed through each company’s own business channels.

3.Technology providers

Ecosystem partners can be provided with infrastructure products and cloud services that have a proven track record inside and outside Japan. In addition, each company’s ecosystem can be mutually linked to improve its various capabilities with regards to technology, infrastructure, and products; thereby making business expansion possible.

Value linked with the Lumada Solution Hub

The process of carrying out activities in the ecosystem starts with the issues and themes of our innovation partners. Extraction of business ideas, prototyping, PoC projects, and value provision are promoted by combining the diverse knowledge, technologies, and know-how of solution providers and technology providers.

The Lumada Solution Hub is used as a basis for collaborative creation and provides various functions. Catalog functions are used to register and share know-how and digital solutions. Development functions are used to provide new value by combining existing value. Implementation functions are used to install solutions in PoC environments and production environments.

Lumada Solution Hub is currently available in a limited region.