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Innovation Hub

Working together to bring innovations to the world
through digital transformation

Connecting knowledge and ideas that transcend industries, space and time

In today's world where we face many different complicated problems, we need an ecosystem where with expertise in various areas work together to develop a sustainable society.

A place where we work together to create new services for digital transformation (DX), looking ahead at a society and environment that are constantly changing—that is the Lumada Innovation Hub.

  • • We connect customers, business partners, and other stakeholders from different industries in virtual and real-life settings, and deploy their knowledge and ideas to stimulate the creation of value.
  • • We will build an ecosystem of interconnected co-creation sites where Hitachi and our customers and business partners work together to create and circulate value.
Digital transformation, Social value, Environmental value, Economic value

Connecting Knowledge and Ideas That Transcend Industries, Space, and Time: Lumada Innovation Hub

I want to implement DX and respond more quickly to changes in the business environment!

Use proven solutions to accelerate issue resolution.

Using optimal solutions for speedy issue resolution Using optimal solutions for speedy issue resolution

I want to anticipate changes in the world,
and be a leader in implementing DX!

Work with specialists from various industries to develop and realize a vision from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Developing and realizing a vision alongside various business partners Developing and realizing a vision alongside various business partners

DX: Digital Transformation


Flagship Site


Flagship site for co-creation, directly accessible from the Tokyo station: Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo

  • • Our specialists in DX and other business areas provide support for co-creation activities.
  • • We provide the optimal space and equipment for workshops and prototyping activities.
  • Meet-Up Square

    Meet-Up Square
    Learn about advance case examples and network with others

  • DX Gallery

    DX Gallery
    Boost your ideas by learning about various solutions

  • Co-Creation Studio

    Co-Creation Studio
    Co-create value through workshops

  • Mirai Atelier

    Mirai Atelier
    Quickly prototype and verify ideas

  • Incubation Base

    Incubation Base
    Hold discussions to flesh out business ideas

Spatial design concept: rakuchu-rakugai-zu

The design concept was inspired by byobu (folding screen) style paintings that vividly depicts people enjoying their lives amid the blossoming of urban culture, which resonates with Hitachi's activities continuously supporting the enrichment of people's lifestyles in a variety of places around the world.
At the same time, Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo serves as a declaration of Hitachi's will to lay out and create this kind of enriched society.


Related Facilities

By connecting to Hitachi sites both inside and outside Japan over the internet, you can talk with various specialists on demand.

Related Facilities Related Facilities
NEXPERIENCE is a methodology for developing businesses and services through co-creation with partners.