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NEXPERIENCE is a co-creation methodology for creating new businesses and services through co-creation with partners. It is a systematization of the knowhow developed by designers and researchers over many years into methods, tools, and spaces for co-creation. Thus far, it has been applied and has produced concrete results in hundreds of global projects.NEXPERIENCE continues to evolve through constant improvements based on lessons from practice and new research.

NEXPERIENCE application scenes

“We want to pursue DX, but we don’t know where to start.”

First, We focus on the goal that the customer wants to achieve.
After clarifying the goal, ideas and business models are created together with the customer.

The customer’s ideal vision is drawn out while thinking about future trends and possible alternative futures.
Ideas and business models for realizing the ideal vision are then generated.

“We want to start a new business,
but we are unsure how to find promising business seeds for our company.”

The customer’s strengths will be found, redefined, and leveraged in a new business model based on the comprehension of the changes in technologies and people’s sense of values.

Business ideas are created with the customer while identifying the customer’s strengths and comprehending the changes in technologies and people’s sense of values. The business structure needed to create a sustainable business is then designed and its value evaluated.


Hitachi’s goal for social innovation

Hitachi, along with its customers around the world, aims to solve various social issues and create an abundant and promising society.

As shown in the SDGs, there are major issues that need to be addressed in the future society.
We are now facing a wide variety of problems: abnormal weather due to global warming brought about by human activities, environmental pollution due to waste, lack of water and other resources, traffic congestion and overcrowding due to urbanization, deterioration of social infrastructures, decreasing birthrate and aging population in developed countries, infectious diseases, and others.

We are endeavoring to create “social innovations” together with various partners to solve the wide variety of problems faced by society and realize the hopes of people around the world.
We want to build a society where everyone can live comfortable, peaceful, and healthy lives.

NEXPERIENCE is one of the wide variety of services supporting Lumada.
Lumada is the name for Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies
for creating value from customer’s data and accelerating digital innovation.