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Research & Development

Evolution of collaborative creation to accelerate innovation

To realize a prosperous society brimming with hope, Hitachi is working in co-creation with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to accelerate innovation that will raise the QoL of people and customers' corporate value. Social value, environmental value and economic value will be increased by bringing together external knowledge and Hitachi's technology platforms and know-how, as we grow together with our partners to realize an even better society.

Open Social Innovation Community

For that purpose, open innovation through which we will grow together is being accelerated by bringing together the technology platforms and know-how accumulated by Hitachi and the knowledge from customers and partners.

The open innovation process is considered in four phases. The goal is to generate innovation by engaging in co-creation at each phase with various stakeholders such as the industry-academia-government community or academia, startups, customers, partners and citizens.

Evolution of NEXPERIENCE

Further to ensure continuity from vision creation to service, we are developing NEXPERIENCE, Hitachi's original customer collaborative creation methodology to promote the delivery of Lumada solutions. Co-creation is taking place in various locations globally, such as Kyōsō-no-Mori, an open innovation initiative launched from the Central Research Laboratory, both within and outside of Hitachi, and through stronger collaboration with industry-academia-government initiatives and startups.

Open innovation & co-creation sites