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Efforts to create next-generation smart factory

The Omika Works, Hitachi Ltd., promotes the use of high-efficiency energy. This is apparent in its efforts to make energy use more visible via the introduction of PV generation equipment and smart meters, as well as in its operation of an energy management system based on ISO50001*1. As a result of its efforts to become a next-generation smart factory, the Omika Works won the “Energy Conservation Grand Prize for excellent energy conservation equipment”*2.

ISO50001 is an international standard for an energy management system issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies a framework of requirements for organizations to set targets, formulate a plan, and follow a systematic approach to save energy. Its purpose is to help organizations achieve continual improvement of energy performance.
Sponsored by Energy Conservation Center, Japan
  • * This matter is an example using our monitoring control unit system “SAVEMAX”, the technique is succeeded to by our Service.

Approach to a Next-Generations Smart factory

Nippon Tochi Tatemono - Nittochi Uchisaiwaicho Building

Energy-saving measures have become an increasingly important issue for building operators as we have moved into an era of power shortages and surging power prices. Against this backdrop, Nippon Tochi Tatemono introduced Hitachi's cloud-type building facility management solution system at its Nittochi Uchisaiwaicho Building. By combining visibility of energy with air consumptionconditioning and other equipment control, the system achieves high-efficiency operation of air conditioning and other heat source equipment, delivering tangible energy savings. The system was awarded the 31st Excellence Energy Savings Facility, in the category “Environmental Special Prize”*1

Sponsored by the Japan Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors.
  • * This case uses our integrated-type facility management solution “BIVALE”. This technology was incorporated into our Service.

Nippon Tochi Tatemono Co.,Ltd.“Nittochi Uchisaiwaicho building”

Visualization of whole Hitachi group

Hitachi has built an automated electricity monitoring and measurement system for its 239 facilities in Japan. It thus created an environment in which all of its employees can monitor electricity consumption across the entire group, enhancing individual awareness of the need to save power and contributing to stable power utilization that is essential in a power-saving society. Moreover, by thoroughly reducing energy waste and upgrading to high-efficiency equipment, the group continues to promote efficient power utilization.

  • * This case is an example of how data for many different facilities were made visible via a combination of our environmental information collection system “EcoAssist-Enterprise Light” and multpile xEMS. This technology and expertise were incorporated into our Service.

Visualization of whole Hitachi group

Smart city “Kashiwa-no-ha”

In the smart city “Kashiwa-no-ha” project, which is a cooperation between government agencies, universities and research institutes, and private-sector companies such as Mitsui Fudosan and Hitachi, and aims to create a smart city underpinned by the principles of peace of mind, security and sustainability, Hitachi provides area energy management solutions including area-wide energy management, monitoring, and control. These solutions, which make energy consumption visible and combine storage battery systems and energy supply equipment, were awarded the Good Design Award in 2013 *1

Sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
  • * This case uses our area energy management system. This technology was incorporated into our Service.

Smart city “Kashiwa-no-ha”