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Hitachi's GIS Solution solves your problems

The Pipe Network Management System is software for managing and analyzing waterworks on the basis of the Geographic Information System (GIS).

The system can make water service works efficient by locating system-accumulated customer information on maps. This system can also offer optimum solutions to realize safe and secure water environments by using a variety of simulation functions.

Main Benefits

  • This system digitizes pipe network data into exact drawing data to facilitate data management in expansion and update of pipe networks.
  • This system will support planning of pipe networks and water service areas by using various pipe network simulations.
  • This system will enable sharing of pipe network information by multiple terminals and quick communications among Pipe Network Planning, Customer Service, Maintenance, and other sections.

Main Functions

Pipe Network Analysis

  • Able to use simulations of pressure distribution, flow distribution, and flow direction display.
  • Able to save and manage planned pipe networks in the database.

Accessible from Web Browsers and Mobile Terminal

  • Displays map data on a web browser.
  • Can eliminate software installation procedure and save management cost.
  • Can also be used on a tablet computer or a mobile terminal.

Display functions of a web browser and mobile terminal are partially different.
The screen shown is a concept image.

Water Suspension Simulation

  • Simulates water suspension by specifying arbitrary shoutdown points.
  • Displays water suspension regions and customer meters affected by the failure on screen.
  • Displays operation valves to minimize water failure regions.

Fetching Data from Existing Systems

  • Periodically fetch data from existing water billing systems and GIS systems through LAN or media to always make data latest.

The data delivery method should be confirmed in advance with the system supplier.

System Utilization Examples

Case 1 : Quick response to inquiries from customers

Case 2 : Simulating water suspension regions and notifying the customers of water suspension in advance

Case 3 : Realtime sharing of information by interlocking computers with Global Positioning System

System Configuration

Flexibly available from the client server type to the web type

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