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Water Leakage Management Solution

Hitachi's solutions for leakage management consist of three systems corresponding to the four parts of a leakage management strategy.


  • Real-time NRW monitoring
  • Management of historical leakage trouble
  • Leakage risk evaluation
  • Area leakage estimation


The Water Leakage Management System estimates the leakage area based on Hitachi's original algorithm with collected data.


  • An area with large leakage can be narrowed down.
  • The leakage control period can be minimized by shortening the time to locate.


NRW is estimated for each area.

  • The water balance is visualized for each area.
    →Easy to check the NRW for each area.

Water balance calculation by GIS

Management of historical leakage trouble

  • The number of leakage problems is visualized for each pipe.
    →The current corrosion state of each pipe is determined.


Leakage risk evaluation

  • The leakage risk is visualized.
    →Pipe replacement is prioritized.


The LCC can be calculated by the failure rate, and the user can know the best time to replace the pipes.

  • The LCC considering cost of the maintenance and the response to an accident is calculated.
    →Cost effective considering the LCC


LCC: Life Cycle Cost

Area leakage estimation

Area leakage amount is estimated with pipe simulation and field measurements.

  • The leakage amount of each area in a DMA is estimated.
    →Helps in prioritization of leakage survey.