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HIWARP is a security awareness initiative that communicates vulnerability handling and incident response activities of the Hitachi Group with other WARP communities and Internet communities to promote and cooperate for internet security.

The first step is to establish a WARP Point of Contact (POC) through which the Hitachi Group will communicates with other WARP communities. The second step is to disseminate information about Hitachi Group's security efforts and outcomes other WARP communities may get interested or want to try out, such as awareness raising materials, through the POC. In addition, HIWARP will introduce the WARP concept to the Hitachi organizations to strengthen interorganizational coordination and cooperation in the Hitachi Group.

Through this initiative, interaction with other WARP communities and Internet communities and know-hows learned through HIWARP activities will be incorporated into Hitachi Group's vulnerability handling, incident response and security awareness raising efforts for improvement expectedly creating a positive feedback loop.


Status Tracking Notes (Vulnerability and Incident Event Tracking)