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CSIRT Activities

Last Update: November 26, 2018

HIRT is actively participating in CSIRT communities like FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Team), NCA(Nippon CSIRT Association) , WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point) , in order to establish vulnerability handling and system against incidents, which can be coordinated among organizations. Also HIRT is promoting to disperse CSIRT activities through development of academic human resources.


FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) is a global community of teams for CSIRT based on trusted relationship. HIRT became a member of FIRST in January, 2005 in order to promote CSIRT activities with making vulnerability and incident handling with each regional CSIRT teams. HIRT has supported FIRST through presentations about CSRIT activities in Technical Colloquium & Symposium, and by hosting FIRST Annual Conferences as a sponsor organization since 2005.


Technical Colloquium & Symposium

Annual Conferences


NCA (Nippon CSIRT Association) is a Japanese community of CSIRT teams established in March, 2007. HIRT established it with IIJ-SECT (IIJ) , JPCERT/CC, JSOC, NTT-CERT (NTT) , SBCSIRT (SoftBank) in order to arrange a system for speedy and prompt and optimal countermeasures base on strong trust relationship new complicated incidents. HIRT promotes to steer Incidents' Information Utilization Framework study WG in it.



WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point)[] is a community supported by CPNI (The Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure) , UK governmental security organization. HIRT has joined WARP May 2007 in order to reinforce global collaborations.


CSS (Computer Security Symposium)

CSS (Computer Security Symposium) is a symposium hosted by CSEC (Computer Security Group). HIRT has supported the symposium since 2006.

MWS (Anti-Malware Research Human Resource Development Work Shop)

MWS (Anti-Malware Research Human Resource Development Work Shop) is a work shop hosted by MWS Organization Committee (in Japanese) established by CSS. HIRT has supported the workshop since 2008 when the first workshop was held.

IWSEC (International Workshop on Security)

IWSEC (International Workshop on Security) is an international conference co-hosted by CSEC and ISEC (IT Security Center). HIRT has supported the conference since 2006 when the first work shop was held.

Symposium on Teaching 'Information Studies' in High Schools

High School Subject 'Information' Symposium is hosted by Information Processing Education Committee in Information Processing Society of Japan. HIRT has supported the symposium in the aim of dissemination and enlightenment of information security.