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Materials Informatics
AI for Materials Development

Hitachi accelerates your material products development cycle with our MI (Materials Informatics) solutions powered by AI and data analytics. Hitachi's MI solutions eliminate the guess work from experimentation, enable advanced data-driven R&D processes and support resilient research strategy.

To develop material products and processes more predictably and effectively, our MI solutions provide pre-analyzed insights before conducting experiments, and guide experiment designs.
Our platform empowers your research scientists through seamless access to all R&D knowledge base and enhance collaboration with their colleagues to innovate for new compounds as well as to optimize manufacturing processes.

Hitachi's Materials Informatics - AI for Materials Development

Hitachi's Materials Informatics
- AI for Materials Development

Materials development requires novelty and speed.
However, conventional material design relies on empirical knowledge and involves extensive simulations, experiments, and time.
Taking a multifaceted AI driven approach to these challenges, we aim to make effective use of data for creating new, undiscovered materials.


AI for Materials Development

Hitachi's data scientists work with your R&D teams to build AI models that help accelerate both Materials Product and Process development.

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Analytics Platform for R&D

Hitachi provides cloud-based material data analytics platform. You can intuitively work with Hitachi’s AI powered tools on a web browser.

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