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Middleware & Platform Software


The HiRDB product suite includes various products including the server and client products that provide the basic database functionality, and server option products that extend the server functionality. Combine the products as necessary.

Product List
Product Name Outline of product
Database server products
HiRDB Server Database products can be used in a variety of different cases, such as when there is only one server machine or when there are multiple server machines, over which a load is distributed.
Optional products of server products
HiRDB Accelerator* A product providing faster batch functionality through in-memory data processing.
HiRDB Staticizer Option* An optional product for nonstop database servers. This uses storage functionality to enable parallel processing of multiple operations, without performance degradation.
HiRDB Advanced High Availability An optional product to enhance HiRDB availability. This enables Active-Active clusters and online configuration changes.
HiRDB Non Recover Front End Server An optional product that enables flexible configuration of HiRDB/Parallel Server systems, to optimize server placement. This enables low-cost server machines and high-cost server machines to be used where appropriate.
Client products
HiRDB/Run Time A product for accessing HiRDB databases.
Operation support products
HiRDB SQL Executer A product for executing SQL in a simple GUI.
Products for data linkage
HiRDB Datareplicator* A product for linking information with other databases, including mainframes and third-party databases.
Products for digital content management
XML Extension* A product that stores XML documents without structure alteration in a database.
Only a Japanese-language version is available