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What is Technical Certification?

Hitachi IT Platform Technical Certification (Open middleware) is a program whereby Hitachi certifies the technical ability for users of the JP1 products. The certifications are designed for different roles and skill levels and are assessed by a fair and unbiased examination.

List of Examination level and Certified skills
Examination level Certified skill
Certified JP1 Professional Technical skills for installation and setup for each JP1 product.
Certified JP1 Consultant Technical skills for providing consultation on JP1 systems.

JP1 Technical Certification

Currently examinations and certification is available for the JP1. The examination is available in English using Pearson VUE computer based testing (CBT). Examination reservation and additional information is available on the Pearson VUE web page, below:

Benefits of certification

  • Access to the Hitachi IT Platform Certified member site.
  • Certifications and the Certified JP1 logo can be downloaded from the Hitachi IT Platform Certified member site.
  • Entitlement to use the Certified JP1 logo on business cards.
Benefits may be changed without any notice.

Advantages for customers

Customers deploying Hitachi open middleware systems can achieve more successful and secure implementations by utilizing Hitachi certified personnel. Certification ensures personnel know how to design, implement and operate JP1 systems that can significantly contribute to customers business:

  • Propose systems that best address business needs.
  • Promote secure systems design.
  • Offer professional services to support implementations.

Advantages for partners

Certified personnel have objectively demonstrated their abilities, which increases customer confidence for partners who provide solutions and services. Additionally, examinations can be used to measure personnel skills as part of human resource management and in-house training programs.

  • Partners can objectively demonstrate JP1 product skills, strengthening their competitiveness.
  • Examinations can be utilized to measure personnel skills as part of performance reviews.

Hitachi IT Platform Certified Member Site

The Certified JP1 logo can be downloaded from the Certified Member Site. Certified users who do not have a login ID, lost password reset messages, or users experiencing other login difficulties can use the following form:

Further Inquiries

For questions regarding Hitachi IT Platform Technical Certification please use the following form.