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A Probabilistic Method for Constructing an Empirical Discrimination Model for Hammering Inspection of Cast-iron Parts
SICE Journal of Control、 Measurement、 and System Integration (Special Issue on SICE Annual Conference 2018) Vol.12 No.6 P. 228-236
Advanced Process Control Using Virtual Metrology to Cope with Etcher Condition Change
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) Vol.32 No.4
Effects of Shape Characteristics on Tactile SensingRecognition and Brain Activation
Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (JACIII) Vol.23 No.6 or Vol.24 No.1
Depth-correlated backscattered electron signal intensity for 3D-profile measurement of high aspect ratio holes
Microscopy Vol.68 Issue 5. P.385–394
Multidivisible Online/Offline Cryptography and Its Application to Signcryptions
Security and Communication Networks vol.2019 Article ID 1042649
Non-invasive Mapping of Premature Ventricular Contractions by Merging a Magnetocardiographic Map With a 3-Dimensional Computed Tomography Image
JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology Vol.5 No.10 P.1144-57
A Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Starting from Positive Blood Culture Specimens Using A Simple Adenosine Triphosphate Procedure
Scientific Reports Article number: 13565
Optimization Design for Improving Resolution of Lensless Imaging with Fresnel Zone Aperture
Optical Review 26(5) 507-511
Inherently Accurate Attenuation-Based Digital Calibration of A/D Converters
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I (TCAS I)
Dual-color near-field imaging using thin-film plasmonic waveguide with precise beam control of multiple wavelengths
Accelerating small-angle scattering experiments with simulation-based machine learning
Journal of Physics: Materials Vol.3 No.1 P.015001
MicroTAS 2019 P.1395-1396
Magnetic Domain Structure within half-metallic ferromagnetic kagome-compound Co3Sn2S2
Physical Review Materials Vol.3 ariticle no.104421
Underwater and Airborne Monitoring of Ocean Ecosystems and Debris
SPIE Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 13(4) 044509
Recovering Transitive Traceability Links among Various Software Artifacts for Developers
The Institute of Electronics、 Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Vol.E102-D No.9、 pp.1750-1760
Packet Transport Network Recovery System with Examination of Data Transmission Quality
International Journal of Reliability、 Quality and Safety Engineering (IJRQSE)
Single-Chip 3、072-Element-Channel Transceiver/128-Subarray-Channel 2D Array IC with Analog RX and All-Digital TX Beamformer for Echocardiography
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Vol.54 No.9 pp.2555-2567
Comparison of Extremely High-Temperature Characteristics of Planar and Three-dimensional SiC MOSFETs
IEEE electron device letters Vol.40 No.9 P.1382
Self-limiting、 rapid thermal-cyclic atomic layer etching of titanium nitride in CHF3/O2 downstream plasmas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Vol.52 P.475106
Stable fabrication of a large nanopore by controlled dielectric breakdown in high-pH solution for detection of various-sized molecules
Scientific Reports 9 13143
Control of Identification Area of Structured Identifier by Set Theory and Connection Techniques for Modularized Facility Management Functions
Wiley Online Library
Randomness evaluation of LD phase noise for use as a continuous-variable random-number generator
OSA Continuum Vol.2 No.9 P.2554
D it control during heating and cooling steps of dry oxidation for reliable gate insulator in SiC MOSFETs
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.58 091005
Self-limiting reactions of ammonium salt in CHF3/O2 downstream plasmas for thermal-cyclic atomic layer etching of silicon nitride
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A Vol.37 No.5 P.051002
Accelerating small-angle scattering experiments with simulation-based machine learning e-Print archive arXiv:1908.09102
Phase Aberration Correction of Focused Ultrasound by Refraction-Compensation Method
JJAP (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics) Special Issue Ultrasonic Electronics Vol.58 P.SGGE22
Binary optimization by momentum annealing
Physical Review E
Silicon nitride nanopore created by dielectric breakdown with divalent cation: deceleration of DNA translocation and detection of nucleotide monomer
Nanoscale Vol.11 No.33 P.14426-14433
Job Shop Scheduling Incorporating Dynamic and Flexible Facility Layout Planning
Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information Vol.7 No.1 P.12-17
Reducing virtual source size by using facetless electron source for high brightness
AIP advances Vol.9 P.065001
Volume-recorded hologram modeling、 point-spread function analysis、 and segmented adaptive equalization for holographic data storage
Applied Optics Vol.58 Issue17 pp.4678-4686
Nuclear transplant through topological reconnection of plasma membrane between allogeneic cells in a microfluidic system
Biomicrofluidics 13 034115 (2019)
Deposition Profile of Ammonium Bromide in High-Aspect-Ratio Structure for Multilayer Etching
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.58 No.SE P.SEEB04
Cell sheet fabrication of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelium by cell culture equipment with closed culture system for regenerative medicine
PLOS ONE Vol.14 No.3
Electron Holography on Fraunhofer Diffraction
Microscopy 68 (2019) 254-260 Vol.68 P.254-260
Raman cell imaging with boron cluster molecules conjugated with biomolecules
RSC advances Vol.9 P.23973-23978, 2019
A Turn-off Delay Controlled Bleeder Circuit for Single-Stage TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver With Small-Scale Implementation and Low Output Current Ripple
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Vol.34 Issue.10 P.10069-10081, January 2019
Estimation of γ/γ' interfacial energy in Ni-Co base superalloy TMW-4M3
Journal of Crystal Growth Vol.506 P.91-96, January 2019
Biomimetic Design Inspired Sharkskin Denticles for Growth Suppression of Biofilm
Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology Vol.32 No.2 P.295-301, 2019
Heat- and humid-proof adhesive joints for optical pickup
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design、 Systems、 and Manufacturing Vol. 13 No. 3 P.JAMDSM0045, 2019
Shell mesh generation technique reusing proven models by similar sub-part search
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design、 Systems、 and Manufacturing Vol. 13 No. 4 P. JAMDSM0071, 2019
500 kVA Medium-Frequency Core-Type Amorphous Transformers with Alternately Wound Sheet Winding for Offshore DC grid
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications Vol.8 No.5 P.756-766, 2019
Study of analysis method of interior noise in railway cars by means of ray tracing method
Mechanical Engineering Journal Vol.6 No.5 p.18-00449, 2019
Efficiency improvement of compressor for refrigerator using 1D CAE and 3D CAE
Mechanical Engineering Journal Vol.6 No.5 pp.19-00120-19, 2019
Tensile-Fatigue Behavior of Sintered Copper Die-Attach Material
IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability Vol.19 Issue.2 P.461-467, June 2019
Numerical impact simulation of aircraft into reinforced concrete walls with different thicknesses
Mechanical Engineering Journal Vol.6 No.6 P.19-00222, 2019
Development of a Control Method for LLC Converter Utilized for Input-Parallel-Output-Series Inverter System with Solid-State Transformers
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications Vol.8 No.4 p.652-659, 2019
Adaptive Motion Planning for a Collaborative Robot Based on Prediction Uncertainty to Enhance Human Safety and Work Efficiency
IEEE Transaction on Robotics Vol.35 No.4 P.817-832, Aug. 2019
Effect of Dopants on Strontium-Adsorption Performance of Metal-Doped Antimony Ion Exchangers
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Vol.52 No.8 P.694-701, 2019
Effect of Lithium/Transition-Metal Ratio on the Electrochemical Properties of Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials with Different Nickel/Manganese Ratios for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Chemistry Select Vol.4 Issue.32 P.9444-9450, August 2019
An Auto-Tuning Damper for the Harmonic Resonance of Grid-Connected Converters
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications Vol.8 No.6 p.884-892, 2019
Feasibility Study of Vision-based Localization Method for Stopping Control Using Real Environment Data
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications Vol.8 No.6 p.934-940, 2019
Fingertip-Sized Pressure Sensor for Luer Taper of Three-Way Stopcock in Liquid Channel
Journal of Medical Devices Vol.13 No.3 P.031006, Sep 2019
Formation of a hydrophobic polyiodide complex during cathodic oxidation of iodide in the presence of propylene carbonate in aqueous solutions、 and its application to a zinc/iodine redox flow battery
Electrochimica Acta Volume.319, P.164-174, October 2019
Degradation Mechanism of LiCoO2 under Float Charge Condition at High Temperature
Electrochimica Acta Volume 320 P.134596, October 2019
Fracture criterion considering notch brittleness of polytetrafluoroethylene under quasi-static loading
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics Vol.103 P.102285, October 2019
Development of Air Conditioner Operation Planning Method Using People Flow Information
IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering Vol.14 Issue.10 P.1500-1506, October 2019
Output Current Ripple Reduction of LED Driver Using Ceramic-Capacitor-Input Circuit and Buck-Boost Converter
Electrical Engineering in Japan Vol.209 Issu.3-4 P.26-34, November 2019
Oil-gel-based phantom for evaluating quatitative accuracy of sound speed in ultrasound computed tomography
Ultrasound in medicine and biology
Generating Mathematical Model of Equipment and Its Applications in PHM
2019 IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management
Variable-energy isochronous accelerator with cotangential orbits for proton beam therapy
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment Vol.922 P.352-356, April 2019
Two-View Monocular Depth Estimation by Optic-Flow-Weighted Fusion
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol.4 No.2 P.830-837, April 2019
Effect of artificial MgO pinning centers introduced by residual moisture in a deposition chamber on J c –B–T characteristics and film structure of 10 μm thick MgB2 films deposited on Cu substrates
Superconductor Science and Technology Vol.32 No.4 P.045004 , April 2019
Development of a Heating Process of a Slag-Tapping Hole by Syngas Burning in a 150 t/d Entrained-Bed Coal Gasifier
Energy & Fuels Vol.33 No.4 P.3557-356, April 2019
Improvement in lateral resolution of through-transmission scanning acoustic tomography using capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer
Microelectronics Reliability Volume 93, February 2019, Pages 22-28
Effect of the premixing of MgB2 powder on microstructures and electromagnetic properties in PIT-processed MgB2 wires
Materials Research Express Vol.6 No.2 P.026003, February 2019
Mechanical and corrosion properties of CoCrFeNiTi-based high-entropy alloy additive manufactured using selective laser melting
Additive Manufacturing Vol.25 P.412-42, January 2019
Two-View Monocular Depth Estimation by Optic-Flow-Weighted Fusion
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol. 4 No. 2 P.830-837
Computational Aspect Analysis of Real-Time Systems: Application to HDD Servo Control
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8巻1号P124-130
POMVCC: Partial Order Multi Version Concurrency Control
Soft18v11n34 Vol.11 No.3&4 P.452-465
Analysis of multipole fields for a practical wire lens of an aberration corrector
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Vol.37 Issue 1
Direction Finding Techniques in Reactive Near Field of Impulsive Electromagnetic Noise Source Aiming at Pantograph Arcing Localization
IEEE Sensors Journal Vol. 19 No. 11 P. 4193-4200
Fast Evaluation of Microstructure-Property Relation in Duplex Alloys Using SEM Images
MRS Advance Vol. 7 No. 1
A polling-based transmission scheme using a network traffic uniformity metric for Industrial IoT applications
Special Issue "Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Networks"
Signature Schemes with a Fuzzy Private Key
International Journal of Information Security
KRAS genotyping by digital PCR combining melting curve analysis
Scientific Reports Vol.9 No.1 P.2626
Defect Detection Techniques Robust to Process Variation in Semiconductor Inspection
Measurement Science and Technology Volume 30, Number 3
Impact of secondary electron emission noise in SEM
Sensor-less Fault-Diagnosis Architecture for Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plants
ieee journal of photovoltaics Vol. 9 No. 3 P. 780-789
Stress-rate effect on time response of mechanoluminescent-sensor luminescent intensity
Optics Express
Influence of e-beam aperture angle on CD-SEM measurements for high aspect ratio structure
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS Vol.18 No.2 P.021204
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of particle-size distribution of clusters in unsteady shear flow
Advanced Powder Technology Vol.30 No.4 P.774-785
A New Automated Guided Vehicle System using Real-time Holonic Scheduling for Warehouse Picking
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol.4 No.2 P.1045-1052
Effect of bumps on the stability of water droplets on the pillar surface
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
Effect of anisotropy in the build direction and laser-scanning conditions on characterization of short-glass-fiber-reinforced PBT for laser sintering
Optics & Laser Technology Vol. 113+D25 P.345-356
Highly Safe 100-Wh-class Lithium-ion Battery Using Lithium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amide-Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether Equimolar Complex-based Quasi-solid-state Electrolyte
Electrochemistry Vol.87 No.1 P.100-106, 2019
Start-up optimization of combined cycle power plants: A field test in a commercial power plant
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power Vol.141 NO.3 P. 031002, 2019
Disturbance-robust Current Control Technique for Large-scale PV Inverter
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications Vol.8 No.2 p.314-321, 2019
Evaluation on cooling performance and reliability of low-height aluminum thermosyphon in high temperature environment
Journal of Thermal Science and Technology Vol.14 No.1号 p. JTST00013, 2019

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