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Corporate InformationResearch & Development

Job Description

Research & Development of cybersecurity technologies towards AI & IoT

Job Openings

With the spread of AI and IoT, this position will be responsible for the research & development of security technologies against advanced cyber threats

(Example of Duties)
  • Developing security measures, which should be implemented against possible cyber threats, in the system design phase (ex. Automatic response algorithm for cyber threats)
  • Developing security operation system to accelerate security incident handling (ex. Log analysis for cyber threats)
  • Developing cybersecurity intelligence sharing system among stake holders to prepare advanced cyber threats

In addition to the above, this position may also be required to perform consulting services as security experts.

[Required Qualifications]
  • Master's degree in Computer Science (expecially cybersecurity related)
  • Experience in security service, the network-related or systems architecture
[Preferred Skills/ Experience]
  • Overall knowledge in information theory
  • Security-related consulting experience
  • Any paper accepted by conferences or journals
  • Able to speak, read and write in English
[Desirable traits and personality]
  • Able to work in team and foster collaborative creations
  • Intellectual curiosity to new technologies and aggressiveness
  • Desire to contribute to the society and making a big impact through technical advancement
  • Desire to widen one's business skills in stable environment
Benefits Monthly Salary ¥270,000 and above
*Remuneration package will be adjusted according to the company's guidelines, with candidate's experience, age and capabilities.

Yokohama Research Laboratory
Yoshida-cho 292, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 244-0817, JAPAN