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Corporate InformationResearch & Development

Job Description

Research & development of next generation AI/ Robotics employing leading edge intelligent information processing technology

Job Openings

Research & development on intelligent information processing for artificial intelligent infrastructure/ applied technology, industrial / human symbiotic robotics.

(Example of Duties)
  • Artificial Intelligence basic/ applied technology: Research & development on AI technology (Hitachi AI Technology/H), digital twin and development of intelligent amplification etc.
  • Industrial/ Human Symbiotic Robotics: Research & development of Autonomous Mobile Robot, Working Robot, Drone, and the enhanced operating system for these devices.
  • Industrial media processing: Research and development of sound processing, acoustic signal processing, abnormality diagnosis using image processing, etc.
[Required Qualifications]
  • Master's degree in Information System, Physics or Mechanical Engineering (especially for fields in relations to Probability and Statistics)
  • Experience in Project Management
[Preferred Skills/ Experiences]
  • General knowledge in Information theory
  • General knowledge in Mathematics Engineering
  • General knowledge in AI and machine learning
  • General knowledge in Robotics
  • General knowledge in Drones
  • General knowledge in Natural Language Processing
  • General knowledge in audio processing/ audio signal processing
  • Experience as a key person in an academic forum etc.
  • Experience in writing scientific papers and presentations in an academic society
  • Able to speak, read and write in English
[Desirable traits and personality]
  • Able to work with people inside and outside of the company and foster collaborative creations
  • Intellectual curiosity to new technologies and aggressiveness
  • Desire to contribute to society and making a big impact through technical advancement
  • Desire to broaden one's business skills in a diverse environment
Benefits Monthly Salary ¥270,000 and above
*Remuneration package will be adjusted according to the company's guidelines, with candidate's experience, age and capabilities.

Central Research Laboratory
Higashi-Koigakubo 1-280, Kokubunji-shi,
Tokyo 185-8601, JAPAN