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An air compressor is a machine for creating compressed air (air kept under pressure greater than atmospheric pressure). Depending on the methods to compress air, air compressors are classified into rotary screw, reciprocating, turbo and other types.

Air compressed by the air compressor is utilized in a variety of applications such as for spray painting and removing dust. In particular, the compressed air energy is often applied as a power source for other devices, and used in a wide range of industries including civil engineering, construction and mining on top of automobile and other manufacturing sectors.

Hitachi has developed air compressors for over a hundred years since it delivered the "100-horsepower air compressor" to the Hitachi Mine in 1911. More recently, the Company is working on enhancing the efficiency and energy-saving performance of air compressors by conducting analysis and simulation of motions during operation and reflecting the results in the machine structure and motor control.

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