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Moiré fringes are a pattern of fringes generated when orderly aligned patterns are overlapped. They occur as the aligned dots and lines interfere with each other.

Printed materials and PC displays reproduce various colors by overlapping small dots. Because of this, the Moiré fringes may arise when expressing fine mesh or lines. As the fringes do not exist in the original image, they are deemed to be a phenomenon that should be avoided as an unintended noise.

On the other hand, there are attempts to utilize Moiré fringes. Because Moiré fringes have a certain cycle, analyzing the Moiré fringes generated from images of things or persons makes it possible to grasp the shapes of the things or persons. This feature of Moiré fringes is utilized in investigating the deformation of buildings or components and examining scoliosis, among other purposes.

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