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Research & Development

On February 9, an ideathon between volunteers from different Hitachi Group companies was held as part of the Team Sunrise activity.(1) "Society 5.0 for SDGs Project" with the support of the Research & Development Group and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

The theme of the ideathon, "New business using a mysterious ink that changes color with temperature," was based on the technology developed in the Research & Development Group.(2) Hitachi is leveraging the strength of its internal community through activities which cross age and organizational boundaries, to promote ideation under various themes in Social Innovation with the goal of contributing to Society 5.0 and thereby, to the realization of SDGs.

Team Sunrise is an internal gathering of volunteers from within the Hitachi Group, with the objective of forming an innovation ecosystem based on employee initiative, discovering seeds of innovation in Hitachi and to help them grow. There are currently about 1,500 registered members.
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